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Michael “Mike” Bennett is an American professional wrestler. He wrestles on World Wrestling Entertainment under the name "Mike Kanellis". Bennett made his WWE Debut in 2017

Bennett storms into the ring and attacks EC3 to cause the disqualification. After the match Bennett puts the boots to EC3 and drops him with the Miracle In Progress. Bennett grabs the mic and says that EC3’s Road to Redemption has come to a screeching halt. Bennett told EC3 that he needed to follow all the rules in order to get his match for Slammiversary and EC3 didn’t get the job done.



Maria Kanellis finds Dixie Carter backstage, thanks her profusely for having Mike Bennett and herself in TNA, and asks Dixie to meet up with Bennett out in the ring to tell her how she can be a part of a Miracle. She also has an idea about how she can take a leadership role in TNA, but Dixie says she saw what happened between her and Gail, and like Gail, she believes actions say more than words.

We see a Decay promo video, then we head to the arena where Mike Bennett and Maria are already in the ring. Bennett says the Miracle that is happening tonight is that TNA needs him now more than ever since one of the greatest wrestlers ever, who cheap shotted him and ducked him, by the way, is on his way out the door. That means that the Miracle will be named the #1 contender to the TNA World Title, and once that happens, he’ll be the TNA World Champion and save the world of pro wrestling. Bennett asks Dixie to come on down and make this Miracle happen, but he gets Drew Galloway instead, and Drew does not look happy. Drew says they think they just get things handed to them, but if he can offer Bennett some advice, it’s to fight more and stop running his mouth like a bitch. Drew tries to start a fight with Bennett, but Maria holds him back. Bennett says Drew begged Kurt Angle for a second match because he couldn’t do it the first time, he only has a title shot because he won it in a lottery game show, and he orders Drew to go to the back and get Dixie. Drew says he could do that, but he could also…oh, Drew suckerpunches Bennett and hammers him with punches. Bennett takes Drew down, but Drew gets on top, more punches, then nearly tears Bennett in half with a clothesline. Drew goes for the Claymore Kick, but Bennett bails out to the floor and yells at Drew for ruining his moment.

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On weekly broadcasts of IMPACT Wrestling, it’s easy to hate “The Miracle” Mike Bennett’s cocky attitude and ruthless ambition. Outside the ring, though, the man so determined to destroy Total Nonstop Action’s most popular wrestlers en route to the World Heavyweight title is an admirable advocate for LGBT equality.

“It is very difficult, extremely difficult for me, when I am in a group and someone says something [about gays] to not speak up and say ‘That’s not right,'” shared Bennett during a recent interview. “I try to bite my tongue in certain situations, but I just can’t.”

Prior to arriving in TNA earlier this year, Bennett etched his place as one of the hottest tag team wrestlers in sports entertainment today. Known as “The Kingdom” with partner Matt Taven, and with stunning wife (and former Playboy covergirl) Maria Kanellis by his side, Bennett won championship gold in Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling (IWGP).

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The Miracle Promo: 

Maria says that she’s the first lady of professional wrestling and she’s here to introduce a future World Heavyweight Champion. A man who will inspire everyone as much as he inspires her. Out comes The Miracle.says he will be the champion and he said it the minute he walked in here. Kurt Angle had to cheapshot him because he was afraid of his greatness.

The Miracle says that Drew Galloway is walking around with a briefcase that’s just a ticking time bomb. He’s going to lose, fail, and prove to everyone that he’s a failure.  But tonight, since Kurt Angle ducked him, he’s going to wrestle one of the UK’s own, and chose Mandrews. Bennett says it’ll take a miracle for Mandrews to win, and Mandrews just wants him to shut the hell up.

Second Match: The Miracle w/Maria Kanellis vs. Mandrews 

Mandrews with a series of deep arm-drags to Bennett. Mandrews with a standing moonsault. Bennett connects with a spine buster to Mandrews. Bennett begins the ground and pound attack. Bennett with a running boot to Mandrews for a two count. Bennett applies the chin lock. Mandrews with elbows to the midsection of Bennett. Bennett with a flapjack and a running dropkick to Mandrews.

Bennett slaps Mandrews in the face. Mandrews fires up and lands a series of right hands and chops. Mandrews with a enziguri to Bennett. Mandrews connects with a tilt-a-whirl DDT and a standing corkscrew splash for a two count. Bennett knocks Mandrews off the top rope with the Photo Finish. Bennett connects with the Miracle In Progress to pickup the victory. After the match Bennett continues to stomp on Mandrews and out comes Drew Galloway. Bennett heads to the back with Maria.

Winner: The Miracle 

Drew Galloway Backstage Promo: 

Galloway says that he got involved in the match because Mike Bennett has let his mouth get away from him, and if Bennett wants to show up and act like an asshole? Bennett comes and lays out Galloway ramming him through the steel garage door.


Maria appears on the stage and asks if Drew believes in miracles and then says that his miracle is now! The lights come on and Bennett belts Drew with his Feast or Fired briefcase!
Winner: Drew Galloway via DQ
Bennett shows off the dent in the briefcase and then asks Drew if he believes in “The Miracle” now. Bennett says that he knows that Drew believed that his briefcase was the answer to all of his questions. Bennett says that isn’t the miracle that TNA needs and Bennett is the miracle that TNA really needs.

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